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57-71GHz & Africa Recommendations to African Administrations to Adopt a Licence-Exempt Approach

Authors: H. Sama Nwana & William Webb

The Need for Wireless Fibre-Like Multi-Gigabit Speeds Across Africa

Governments and regulators are facing demands to build and/or enable wired fibre backbones or their wireless fibre-like alternatives across Africa.

As every country in Africa promises to digitise their economies, partly to meet their UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, they all need to deliver on their wired fibre backbones as well as on their wireless fibre-like multi-gigabit speeds across Africa.

In order to achieve the latter (i.e. wireless multi-gigabit speeds between devices), African spectrum administrations need to avail themselves of every opportunity to allocate and assign the appropriate spectrums, not least because the cost of fibre backbones everywhere is already being proven to be prohibitive across the continent. Wireless alternatives to fibre-type speeds across Africa are simply a must-have.

This report covers key African connectivity challenges requiring fibre-like speeds, the physics of 60GHz, technologies and standards that operate in the band, use cases, case studies from different continents of the world (including Africa) and well as coexistence issues.

It also looks at the regulatory regimes for this band across the EU, USA, and elsewhere. Finally, we summarise our recommendations for licensing 60GHz across Africa.

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