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Our team comprises senior leaders from the industry with many years of experience working with regulators and operators

Strategic Support for Telecommunication Operators and Regulators

We’re here to help. Our team of experienced consultants will provide the support and resources you need for your strategic telecoms projects. Whether it’s a new market entry, an acquisition or merger, strategic planning, or compliance audits – we can help with all or part of your project.

Clients around the world call on the support of Cenerva for their strategic telecoms projects. Our team comprises senior leaders from the industry with many years of experience working with regulators and operators. So whether you need to launch a new service, acquire another company, or plan for future growth – our consultants will help guide you.

At Cenerva we understand that every project is different – which is why we offer custom solutions tailored specifically to your needs. As an independent consulting firm, we work closely with our clients to ensure they get exactly what they need.

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Strategy Development

Strategy development in telecoms requires nimble thinking. Successful companies make investment decisions that anticipate the impact of rapid technological change on consumer demand. For regulators, simply keeping up with technology is hard; future-proofing public policy decisions even harder. Cenerva works with telcos and regulators to help them assess new mobile, broadband and IP technologies and design commercial and policy strategies to exploit them.

Examples include:

  • Strategic plans: developed strategic plan and commercial models for use of TV Whitespaces and E-band for a West African operator.
  • Spectrum policy: advisors to the Board of a European telco.
  • Due diligence: technical, operational, commercial and regulatory due diligence for a European DTT/ DAB broadcaster acquisition.
  • Compliance: regulatory compliance audit and risk assessment for a merger between a European telco and an energy company.
  • Market entry: feasibility study for a US investment firm for entry into the UK wireless broadband market.
  • Service launch: managed launch of a European 3G mobile operator, including negotiating interconnection agreements and implementing network infrastructure.
strategic development for telecoms
M&A Support

M&A Support

Before merging or making an acquisition, buyers need a clear investment thesis based on a sound understanding of their target’s synergy and cash-flow potential.

Realising this potential requires careful planning to unlock integration value.

Cenerva works with financial investors and commercial acquirers to ensure successful M&A activity. We offer evidence-driven due diligence, including analysis of the commercial and operational landscape, regulatory compliance audits and technical feasibility studies.

Examples include:

  • European operator: Operational, commercial and regulatory due diligence for a national DTT/ DAB broadcaster as part of a strategic acquisition initiative.
  • UK energy company: Regulatory compliance audit and risk assessment for a merger with a telecoms company.

Market Entry

Whether acting as a pioneer, or looking to enter a more mature market, establishing a new telecoms business requires detailed consideration of product design and pricing, and carefully executed implementation.

Cenerva advises and supports operators seeking to bring new products and businesses to market with launch strategies, network design, vendor selection, commercial negotiations, licence applications, and stakeholder engagement and management.

Examples include

  • US investment firm: Feasibility study for entry into the UK wireless broadband market.
  • European Operator Client: Managed launch of a national 3G mobile operator, including securing mast sites, negotiating interconnection agreements, implementing core and access network infrastructure.
new market support

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