According to industry reports, technological investments in Africa have increased as Nigeria prepares for 5G implementation.

5G has transformed how we conduct our businesses, shop, and our social lives and also with online education has also brought about a revolution in the field of education. Nigeria is already the fastest-growing economy in the African continent, with a growing middle class. It has the potential to become a robust economic powerhouse not just for Africa but the world.

Industry reports reveal that 5G can play an essential role in helping Nigeria to realise this potential. Multiple industries, ranging from manufacturing to social, economic, healthcare, education, and agriculture, can be benefitted from 5G networks. In addition, increased digital inclusion with 5G networks will power innovation and improve service quality.

Qualcomm CEO, Steve Mollenkopf, said that the 5G value chain could generate up to US$3.5 trillion in revenue by 2035 and support up to 22 million jobs.

However, now African countries are looking for opportunities to secure their own national interests rather than just being a supplier of raw materials to the West, which doesn’t yield any substantial advantages for Africa.

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