Bahamian industry watchdog the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) has published its draft Annual Plan for 2022, with both 5G services and the possible introduction of a third mobile player on the agenda. The regulator notes: ‘The National Public Consultation will be guided by, inter alia, the specific demand for 5G services in the Bahamas and the different roles/types of 5G services in relation to the current 4G/LTE mobile services. Through this public engagement process, URCA will seek to determine: the potential use cases of advanced mobile services, inclusive of 5G for government, businesses and end users; the geographic locations within the Bahamas where these advanced mobile services are needed; and the investment in the infrastructure required to facilitate 5G services.’

In terms of fresh blood, the government will consider whether further liberalisation of the mobile market should be undertaken in the form of a third mobile operator. The policy requires that URCA provide advice and recommendations to the government on this matter, including a feasibility and market analysis to support any recommendations made. (Note: the feasibility assessment will begin once URCA’s ongoing mobile market review is completed.)

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