Elisa Estonia has increased its 5G network coverage to 70% of the population using two frequency bands. The firm launched 5G services in June using 3.5GHz spectrum and has since added 700MHz connectivity using a licence it won in November.

Elisa CEO Andrus Hiiepuu said: ‘Last spring, our goal was to cover at least half of Estonia’s population with a 5G network. As a result of effective planning and the adoption of the 700MHz frequency won in the autumn, we have been able to exceed high goals – Elisa 5G covers 70% of the population today.’

Toomas Polli, head of Elisa’s technology unit, added: ‘The 3500MHz frequency won last spring will bring [an] ultra-fast wireless internet connection to customers, and the newly launched 700MHz [band] allows for a significant improvement in mobile internet speeds in areas where they have so far remained below 10Mbps.’

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