A1 Bulgaria reported on its website that it has completed the integration of a Standalone (SA) 5G network consisting of a Nokia-supplied Radio Access Network (RAN) and Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core backbone network, with the latter vendor taking a lead role in the integration project. Todor Tashev, Network & Services Senior Director at A1 Bulgaria, confirmed that 5G SA solutions are now available for B2B customers, who can ‘take advantage of the new technology to automate processes and solve complex problems’. The operator also highlighted the development of Private 5G SA network services as a key element of the Industry 4.0 concept, alongside massive machine-to-machine/IoT connectivity and ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) supported by 5G SA’s near-real-time transmission.

Ericsson’s Antonio Passarella added: ‘The characteristics of Standalone 5G networks, such as extremely low latency, high speeds, flexibility and a high level of security, offer many opportunities to businesses. In addition to automation and increased efficiency, 5G SA will also enable the creation of entirely new services and products. Ericsson and A1 Bulgaria will continue to develop the technology to offer first-class 5G services to businesses and consumers in the country.’

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