Airtel Kenya, the country’s second largest mobile operator by subscriptions, plans to spend at least USD150 million over the next three years, as it seeks to expand its network coverage nationwide. Business Daily quotes the firm’s CEO Ashish Malhotra as saying that the funds will be spent on the installation of an additional 649 new network sites across the country, increasing the current total from 3,200, covering 89% of the country.

Last month Airtel launched commercial 5G services in 16 counties and 180 wards, via more than 370 5G sites, and plans to set up 120 more within three months. Commenting on uptake, Malhotra stated: ‘The response has been good, though the penetration of 5G-enabled devices in the country is almost 1% of our total devices. It is purely an issue of the cost of devices’.

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