Liechtenstein’s telecoms watchdog the Office for Communication (Amt fur Kommunikation, AK) has published details of the frequency assignment to the nation’s trio of mobile providers: Swisscom, Salt and Telecom Liechtenstein (FL1). In February 2020 AK had invited the cellcos to propose a solution for the allocation of additional spectrum in the 700MHz, 1400MHz and 3500MHz ranges and to adapt the existing terms of use for airwaves. In May 2020 the government passed a resolution to distribute the entirety of the spectrum that had been reserved for mobile services to the trio and in July that year the three cellcos submitted a joint proposal for the award of airwaves in the three new bands, as well as alterations to existing allocations. A final application was submitted to the regulator in October 2022 and the new allocations were awarded in December, although it was not until the following month that the details were published in full on AK’s website.

The new allocations are as follows.


700MHz – 2×30MHz; 900MHz – 2×10MHz; 1400MHz – 1×30MHz; 1800MHz – 2×30MHz; 2100MHz – 2×19.8MHz; 2600MHz – 2×20MHz; 3500MHz – 1×100MHz.


700MHz – 2×15MHz (valid from 1 January 2024); 900MHz – 2×10MHz; 1800MHz – 2×45MHz; 2100MHz – 2×19.6MHz; 3500MHz – 110MHz (valid from 1 January 2024).


800MHz – 2×30MHz; 900MHz – 2×15MHz; 2100MHz – 2×19.8MHz; 2600MHz – 2×45MHz; 3500MHz – 1×180MHz (valid from 1 January 2024).

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