An AT&T executive highlighted the green credentials of technologies including SDN, 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC), noting particular benefits for SMEs engaged in carbon footprint reduction efforts.

In a blog, regional president for AT&T Asia Pacific and Canada Bernard Yee argued companies could lower emissions by replacing on-site hardware with cloud-based alternatives which consolidate multiple network functions on a single server.

Yee added 5G and MEC could help boost management of resources including electricity, fuel, water and raw materials, with AI enabling predictive analytics he noted could highlight inefficiencies.

AT&T cited compressors, boilers and motors as equipment which could benefit from monitoring advances.

The operator argued IoT connectivity could help SMEs lower emissions by improving the efficiency of transporting goods, with a related boost to the bottom line.

Yee highlighted AT&T’s commitment to be carbon neutral across its global operations by 2035, adding many other large corporations have established similar goals.

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