AT&T and Verizon do not plan to delay the rollout of their new 5G mobile services, CNet reported. The response come after a request by US transportation officials to delay the planned launch next week, on concerns the services could threaten aircraft safety. Boeing and Airbus wrote to the US government at the end of last year, asking for a postponement. 

AT&T and Verizon did however offer to limit the power of their signals for six months, giving regulators more time to study how these affect aircraft operations.

Specifically, the airlines asked the government to postpone the launch of C-band spectrum 5G mobile services, set for 5 January. The letter mentioned research from the Airlines for America trade group which found that over 300,000 passenger and 5,000 cargo flights would have faced cancellations, diversions or delays if FAA 5G rules were active in 2019. The group is concerned about potential interference of 5G with sensitive electronics on aircraft. The FAA issued flight directives to avoid 5G interference earlier in December. 

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