Vehicle parts manufacturer Magna Electronics joined Telia and Ericsson’s NorthStar project to improve advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) using mmWave 5G, with the operator set to deploy the network at a test track in Sweden. 

The collaboration will see Telia and Ericsson install a dedicated private network at Magna’s site in the Swedish municpality of Vargarda, where the Canada-based supplier will explore mmWave 5G to enhance self-driving systems. 

Telia stated mmWave 5G will “play a vital role in enabling vehicle safety”, as network data rates and faster response times are critical in determining the systems’ ability to prevent accidents by sending timely alerts to drivers. 

Magna’s ADAS’ does this through driver alerts, and by controlling steering, brakes and acceleration. Leading vehicle brands including BMW, Renault Group, Honda Motor Company and General Motors are part of the company’s client portfolio. 

In October, Telia provided progress on NorthStar and revealed it is currently building 5G transport corridors across Sweden’s key industrial sites as a testing environment for autonomous driving, with full-scale trial due in Q2 2024. 

The 5G network for Magna will feature gigabit data speeds and ultra-low latency, enabling decisions to be made in milliseconds, Telia said. 

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