Ben, a budget virtual sub-brand owned by T-Mobile Netherlands, has this week enabled 5G access for its new and existing users, who can select 5G for an extra EUR1 (USD1.09) monthly fee when ordering a subscription or changing an existing package. The 5G option replaces Ben’s previous ‘4G Extra Fast’ mobile internet speed-boost option on its customer website, which had also cost EUR1 a month; however, a Ben blog explains that users with non-5G compatible handsets choosing 5G will automatically be connected to 4G Extra Fast, whilst it does not claim that 5G offers higher peak download/upload data speeds than 4G Extra Fast – with both currently promising maximums of 300Mbps/75Mbps compared to Ben’s standard 4G peak speeds of 200Mbps/50Mbps. The blog adds, though, that customers may experience other benefits of 5G, including more reliable mobile internet coverage in very crowded locations with a high number of other phone users in close proximity.

Ben’s 4G top speeds were upgraded only very recently, in July 2023, when its standard 4G peaks rose from 100Mbps/10Mbps to 200Mbps/50Mbps and the 4G Extra Fast maximum speeds were raised from 225Mbps/65Mbps to 300Mbps/75Mbps.

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