Regional ISP Brisanet has unveiled plans to launch a 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) service in September this year, following the long-awaited launch of its mobile network. The plan was disclosed to TeleTime by Brisanet CEO Jose Roberto Nogueira, who noted: ‘In some cities where Brisanet is not present with fibre-to-the-home, we are going to upgrade the 5G network and do the FWA first … We’ve already built fibre in front of 20 million inhabitants and now we’re putting our foot on the brakes to invest in 5G.’

Mr Nogueira added that Brisanet’s mobile network is now expected to go live in July 2023 – a month later than previously planned. The network is currently being tested in the north-eastern municipalities of Pereiro (in Ceara) and Sao Miguel and Pau dos Ferros (both Rio Grande do Norte). A further 20 locations also stand to receive mobile access in July.

TeleGeography notes that the Ceara-based ISP acquired a trio of 5G concessions in 2021’s multi-band spectrum auction: a pair of 80MHz 3.5GHz licences covering the Northeast and Midwest, plus a 50MHz block of 2.3GHz spectrum covering the Northeast. Huawei was selected as Brisanet’s 5G vendor in May 2022.

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