Huawei said it has partnered with Spanish operator Cellnex, Europe’s largest mobile towers company, to deploy microwave Long-Reach E-band (LR E-band) backhaul at commercial sites in Poland. The LR E-band link achieved a 10km distance with 30 percent less service disruption and delivered a 56 percent capacity increase, said the partners, adding that the test marked the first commercial deployment of the technology in Europe.

At a launch event, Cellnex added that old and new links were put in parallel during the test, with LR E-band and Intelligent Beam Tracing (IBT) antennas performing with better capacity and availability under identical weather conditions.

Cellnex Poland now plans to extend its 5G-ready transport network coverage to the whole country, with the LR E-band technology helping the operator improve both capacity and performance.

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