US-based Celona and Philippines operator Now have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to deliver private wireless 5G LAN products to enterprises throughout the Philippines. Under the MOU, the parties agree to collaborate on the expansion of Now’s existing broadband telecommunications network through the deployment of stand-alone (SA) private wireless networks designed specifically for the enterprise market. 

The private wireless LAN products will be built on a cloud-first architecture, using plug-and-play technology, self-organising wireless and sophisticated quality of service features that ensure reliable and deterministic performance, the companies said. Now will use Celona’s products to help enterprises accelerate time to market for private wireless network applications, streamline costs, mitigate operational challenges, simplify the customer experience and scale their connectivity as needs change. Now will deploy Celona’s full portfolio of new NR products as part of its private wireless managed service offering.

Earlier in 2023, Celona introduced a collection of indoor and outdoor 5G NR products for the US and global markets, supporting a wide range of international 5G NR bands. 

The Celona-Now partnership will be aimed at key vertical markets such as manufacturing, oil and gas, logistics and transportation ports looking to automate business processes, improve productivity and streamline operations.

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