Speed testing company Ookla rated China Mobile Hong Kong’s (CMHK) 5G network as the fastest in the territory during the second half of 2021.

Ookla registered a median download rate for the operator of 185.6Mb/s, with 3 Hong Kong at 166.4Mb/s, SmarTone 148.5Mb/s and HKT’s CSL brand 125.1Mb/s.

CMHK’s average upload rate was 24.1Mb/s, SmarTone 23.5Mb/s, CSL 21.8Mb/s and 3 Hong Kong 18.9Mb/s.

Ookla reported CMHK also had the lowest typical latency at 12 milliseconds, with 3 Hong Kong on 13 milliseconds, and SmarTone and CSL both on 16 milliseconds.

The ranking was based on data obtained by consumers running Ookla’s Speedtest app on iOS and Android devices. A total of 194,932 tests were initiated during the period.

In a statement, CMHK CEO Sean Lee highlighted it “invested immense resources into building a fast, high-quality and reliable 5G network” for Hong Kong.

Operators launched 5G services in 2020 using the 3.5GHz band.

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