China Mobile added only 52,000 customers in December, compared to 171,000 subscribers in November, and 746,000 million in October. The company ended December with a total of 991 million mobile customers. China Telecom added only 540,000 in December, ending the month with 407.77 million users. 

China Unicom ended December with 988.39 million ‘Big connectivity’ customers, up from 980.09 million the month before. The company’s 5G subscriber base rose to 259.63 million from 254.55 million in November, and IoT terminal connections increased to 493.91 million in December from 485.48 million in November. 

China Mobile ended December with 794.5 million 5G customers, while China Telecom added 4.03 million 5G customers in December, for a total of 318.66 million at the end of the month. 

On the wireline broadband market, China Mobile lost 2,000 customers in the month, for a total of 298.24 million. China Telecom added 100,000 wireline broadband customers, for a total of 190.16 million at end-December.

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