The Nicaraguan Institute for Telecommunications and Posts (Instituto Nicaraguense de Telecomunicaciones y Correos, Telcor) has outlined plans to utilise the 3.5GHz band to support the country’s future 5G ambitions. As per Administrative Agreement No. 002-2022, which appeared in the country’s Official Gazette on 24 November, the watchdog has reserved the 3300MHz-3400MHz, 3400MHz-3600MHz and 3600MHz-3700MHz bands for the provision of 5G services.

Telcor has observed that the currently awarded spectrum holdings in the 3.5GHz band – which TeleGeography believes comprises a 50MHz block held by Claro – are ‘not technically adequate to satisfy the bandwidth specifications’ of 5G, meaning a reorganisation will take place before any new concessions are distributed.

The introduction of 5G forms part of the government’s Plan Nacional de Lucha Contra la Pobreza y para el Desarrollo Humano 2022-2026 (National Plan to Fight Poverty and for Human Development 2022-2026).

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