Mexico’s telecommunications watchdog IFT said it intends to hold a long-awaited auction of 5G spectrum later this year. The regulator’s intentions were revealed in its annual work programme for 2022 in which it confirmed “a bidding process for different blocks of radio spectrum in bands such as 600 MHz, 3.3 GHz and 3.5 GHz, as well as the L band, among others”. 

A dedicated committee has been working on the 5G tender since the country held a multi-band frequency auction (IFT-10) last October. The disappointing results of that auction – in which only 10 percent of the spectrum on offer was acquired – prompted the IFT to promise lower costs for the frequency concessions it has earmarked for 5G.

The regulator said it will launch a public consultation on the draft bidding rules and conditions of the forthcoming tender in due time. The 34 projects included in its 2022 work programme are mostly aimed at ensuring the efficient use of networks and infrastructure, and also encompass digital literacy activities as well the drafting of a code of best practices for IoT and mobile security.

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