The Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC) has concluded its procedure for granting use of radio frequency spectrum in the 700MHz and 800MHz bands, pursuant to Decision No. 699 of 4 October 2023. The regulator has adopted Decisions No. 343/28.11.2023, 344/28.11.2023 and 345/28.11.2023 granting spectrum in the two bands to A1, Vivacom and Yettel Bulgaria for a period of 15 years. The trio secured 10MHz of paired spectrum in the 700MHz band and 2×10MHz in 800MHz band each, as follows:

A1: 703MHz-713MHz/758MHz-768MHz and 832MHz-842MHz/791MHz-801MHz

Vivacom: 713MHz-723MHz/768MHz-778MHz and 842MHz-852MHz/801MHz- 811MHz

Yettel: 723MHz-733MHz/778MHz-788MHz and 852MHz-862MHz/811MHz-821MHz

Provision of spectrum in these frequency bands will provide an opportunity to build new generation networks and provide innovative broadband services in sparsely populated areas, the CRC said. With the issuance of the permits, the prerequisites will be created for the fulfilment of one of the goals of the ‘Digital Decade’ initiative to cover all populated areas with high speed 5G mobile networks, in accordance with the principle of technological neutrality.

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