Crnogorski Telekom (CT) has announced the launch of a commercial 5G network in Podgorica utilising 3.6GHz frequencies acquired in last December’s multi-band spectrum auction. In a statement issued on Friday, the operator said the commissioning of a base station capable of gigabit-capable 5G speeds demonstrates the company ‘is committed to its strategy to build the fastest, largest and strongest mobile network in Montenegro’. In March last year, CT became the first of the country’s mobile network operators to launch 5G commercially when it activated cell sites in four locations of the capital using dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS). The network was subsequently expanded throughout all urban areas of Podgorica by late July and now covers approximately 76% of the country’s population.

CT has also revealed it is ready to roll out VoLTE services, providing users with an improved voice quality and faster call connectivity. ‘By moving from traditional to VoLTE technology in the domain of voice services, we are using the potential of the new 4G and 5G networks not only for the needs of internet services, but also for the development of new innovative voice services, some of which will soon be additionally made available to users of our company’s services,’ commented Radovan Vukotic, Manager, Non-Voice Service Platforms Development at Crnogorski Telekom.

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