Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier provides all Magenta Security Roaming services with dedicated support and strict SLAs

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier announced the launch of a new security offering dubbed Magenta Security Roaming, which the company said is aimed at future-proofing roaming security.

The German carrier said that the Magenta Security Roaming is available to all of Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s customers. The new concept offers an “ecosystem of secure connectivity” for all protocols currently used by operators such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G Non-standalone (NSA) and 5G Standalone (SA). For each protocol, corresponding protection layers are in place: SS7 Firewall, Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) Firewall, Diameter End-to-End Signaling Security (DESS), phase 1, as well as Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) in several configurations, the company said.

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier provides all Magenta Security Roaming services with dedicated support and strict SLAs, it added

Nicholas Nikrouyan, VP of voice and mobile solutions at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, said: “Security in roaming is a major issue in our industry. For the first time, we work with 5G SA as a technology where security is built in, whilst we still have to protect all the other protocols effectively to ensure roaming security across the board. Magenta Security Roaming is our answer to this all-or-nothing scenario with highly innovative roaming security services, as well as our world-exclusive offer of DESS, phase 1.”

Magenta Security Roaming also includes tailor-made solutions for mobile operators across all protocols they currently use. The service is designed to help maintain business by increasing the quality of operators’ cyber-defense systems, while reducing cost and complexity, DT said.

“For those operators who have already enabled 5G SA roaming, Magenta Security Roaming guarantees that they have options when interconnecting with each other by choosing the security measures they need,” the company stated in a release. “Customers can outsource investment and operation of 5G SA roaming with Magenta Security Roaming’s outsourced SEPP solutions. They can also opt for hosted SEPP maintenance services, as well as composite scenarios that connect individual roaming partners most efficiently.”

In October 2023, T-Mobile US and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier had completed the testing of 5G Standalone (5G SA) roaming, leveraging Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP).

The program used Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s Internet Protocol Exchange (IPX) and Hosted Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) solutions with participating carriers Sunrise and AIS Thailand, successfully completing 5G SA roaming between the U.S. and Switzerland and the U.S. and Thailand.

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