Digi International Inc.— a global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services— has launched the Digi IX40, a 5G edge computing industrial IoT cellular router solution. This solution is specifically designed for Industry 4.0 applications such as advanced robotics, predictive maintenance, asset monitoring, industrial automation, and smart manufacturing. It is fully integrated with the Digi Remote Manager, which improves security, scalability, speed, reliability and efficiency.

The Digi IX40 supports 5G connectivity and edge intelligence, allowing enterprises to connect multiple machines in demanding environments and optimize the integration of cloud-delivered operational technology with information technology. It is particularly useful for critical applications in industrial automation, utilities, renewable energy, oil and gas and digital signage.

Digi IX40 Key Capabilities

The key features of the Digi IX40 include global 5G and LTE support, integrated edge computing capabilities, simplified configuration and management with the Digi Remote Manager, FIPS 140-2 validation for data encryption, powerful failover options, resilient cellular connectivity and license-free enterprise software. It also has a rugged enclosure and FirstNet Capable models for emergency response.

According to Vitaly Kurduban, Senior Product Manager of industrial cellular solutions at Digi, edge computing is essential for businesses leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies as it provides the compute power and real-time data processing required for data-intensive applications. The Digi IX40 solution enables organizations to take advantage of edge computing to enable real-time processing, faster insights, enhanced security and reduced latency.

Digi IX40 can scale and grow to meet the needs of businesses, and the Digi Remote Manager allows for rapid configuration and deployment of additional devices. Digi Containers (a value-added service) enhance the Digi IX40 solution by providing lightweight Linux containers for cost-effective applications. It offers flexibility and scalability for Industry 4.0 initiatives. Digi also collaborates with technology alliances to provide additional capabilities for Digi IX40 running Digi Containers.

Furthermore, collaborations with companies like Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Binary Armor division and Atsign further enhance the capabilities of Digi IX40, providing next-generation cybersecurity and open-source Networking 2.0 technology.

Additionally, Digi WAN Bonding is an additional service offered through the Digi Remote Manager that provides extremely fast and reliable network connectivity. Using Digi WAN Bonding, users can easily set up, deploy, and manage the bonding of multiple WAN internet connections on Digi IX40. This combination of connections allows for increased throughput speeds, smoother WAN performance, redundant packet transmission, and seamless failover, ensuring a constant and uninterrupted Internet connection.

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