Dish Network added an autonomous test tool to its network software portfolio to ensure reliable performance of a forthcoming 5G network.

The network test platform from Verica uses an approach called chaos engineering to simulate potential problems and learn how to fix them.

Dish Network stated it is using the Verica platform for open-source system Kubernetes, which automates deployment of containerised applications, and Kafka, used to stream data and events.

The operator claimed Verica will help its engineers address potential network outages by making changes before problems occur.

Verica will also enable Dish Network engineers to understand the limitations of network software, the operator stated.

Dish Wireless EVP and chief network officer Marc Rouanne stated the Verica platform will help it understand how conditions at the network edge impact performance and reliability. This is particularly important because the operator is counting on edge-based enterprise deployments as a differentiator for its 5G network.

Verica co-founder and CTO Aaron Rinehart predicted the test software will be particularly important to Dish Network’s private network ambitions.

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