EE has unveiled a new gaming offering in line with its strategy to become the number one network for gaming in the UK. The company is launching Nintendo and PlayStation bundles, access to gaming products via interest free spreadable payments with Add to Plan, and a nationwide roll-out of in-store gaming bays at over 175 EE retail stores. 

The company said it set up a new internal gaming team to push its gaming strategy, charged with launching new gaming products and services that bring together 5G and fibre connectivity.

New bundles

The new PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch pay-monthly deals will begin on 26 October. For GBP 31 per month, customers will get a PlayStation 5 console with PlayStation Plus, unlimited mobile gaming data and a Video Data Pass people can use to stream games or watch tutorials on YouTube without using up their data allowance. The deal is valid with a 24-month contract with GBP 10 upfront.

For GBP 17 per month, also with a 24-month contract with GBP 10 upfront, subscribers will get a Nintendo Switch Oled, with Nintendo Online, unlimited mobile gaming data and a Video Data Pass.

The deals join EE’s existing Xbox gaming services and bundles packages, which include access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


EE’ also announced the arrival of Meta Quest 2, available to EE mobile pay monthly customers via Add to Plan from GBP 35 per month for 11 months with a GBP 10 up-front fee. Beat Saber, worth GBP 22.99, is included in the deal. Lenovo’s Ideapad Gaming 3 laptop is also available on Add to Plan from GBP 70 per month for 11 months. Customers have to pay an GBP 30 up-front cost for the laptop but the deal comes with a three month Xbox PC Game Pass.

Gaming bays

EE is also rolling out new in-store gaming bays. Users will be able to use them to learn about gaming, try out new consoles or make purchases in the store or via Add to Plan.

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