Elisa said that it brought out Finland’s first 5G standalone (SA) network subscriptions on 08 February and that these will be expanded over the coming months. This launch is for consumers but Elisa will be offering 5G SA subscriptions to business customers during the spring. It added that Finland’s first congestion-free home broadband using 5G SA network slicing will become available commercially to consumers on 15 February under the name Omakaista (‘Own lane’).

The new Elisa 5G+ Unlimited 1000M subscription costs EUR 49.99 per month for unrestricted internet service at up to 1 Gbps in Finland, the Baltic and Nordic countries, with a 53 GB monthly allowance in the EU. Its Elisa 5G+ Premium subscription costs EUR 60.00 and provides a 100 GB monthly allowance for the EU. To compare, Elisa offers a 5G non-standalone subscription at up to 600 Mbps for EUR 36.99 monthly for unlimited usage in Finland and the Baltic and Nordic countries, with 37 GB monthly EU usage.

The operator said 5G SA phone subscriptions will improve service to customers by providing a better connection of quality and reductions in latency of up to 50 percent. Batteries of equipment connected to a 5G SA network will last as much as 15-20 percent longer, too. The subscriptions require a compatible device, such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 or A34, Nokia G42, Nothing Phone 2, Sony Xperia 1V or Xperia 5V.

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