Ericsson has announced the deployment of its dual-band three-sector Radio 6626 to provide Airtel Niger with a 5G-ready and more efficient network that reduces energy consumption. Combining three sectors and two frequencies in a single radio unit, Ericsson’s Radio 6626 will enable Airtel to radiate all three sectors in its towers through one radio unit thereby achieving significant energy reductions and operating expenditure savings. The Swedish vendor claims that Airtel will enjoy efficient site upgrades and accelerated time-to-market of various services, and will also have the capability to enhance both outdoor and indoor coverage for all mobile generations and build a significantly advanced and energy-efficient network.

‘This collaboration with Ericsson is a big step in our mission to build a future-proof and a more sustainable network in Niger,’ stated Abdellatif Bouziani, CEO of Airtel Niger, adding: ‘With the deployment of Ericsson’s Radio 6626, we will be able to reduce operational expenditures significantly with lower power consumption, better site design, and with fewer radios without compromising network performance. The energy-saving features of the solution will lower our carbon dioxide emissions and will evolve our offerings to complement our sustainability ambitions.’

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