Verizon, Ericsson and MediaTek trialled reduced capability (RedCap) software for voice and data services, a move the US operator pitched as a boost for deployment of enterprise IoT devices and consumer wearables.

The voice and data sessions used Ericsson’s RedCap software, MediaTek’s testing platform and Verizon’s standalone 5G core running C-Band spectrum.

Graham Osborne, VP and head of Customer Unit Verizon for Ericsson North America, stated the demonstration is critical to building an ecosystem of multiple types of 5G devices.

Adam Koeppe, SVP of network and technology planning at Verizon, stated RedCap will enable low-cost, energy-efficient 5G devices.

RedCap is expected to provision devices with low power consumption including industrial IoT sensors. Verizon also cited potential in fitness trackers and mobile medical devices, while noting the software “paves the way for enterprise IoT” services including “video surveillance, industrial sensors and smart grids to run more efficiently”.

Standards body 3GPP introduced RedCap in its Release-17 standard to enable a wider range of devices across 5G networks.

It is compatible with all spectrum bands in sub-6GHz, FDD and TDD bands.

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