LIVE FROM 6G SYMPOSIUM, 6G INNOVATION CENTRE, GUILDFORD, UK: Researchers from Nokia Bell Labs and Ericsson cited spectrum availability in the centimetric range of between 7GHz and 15GHz as essential for 6G to meet its potential.

During the opening session of day two, VP and head of Ericsson Research Magnus Frodigh encouraged an industry-wide push to ensure regulators make the band for 6G available.

Frodigh said the asset was “essential”, a key resource for the next generation of network technology, stating “for sure, we will need that capacity,” though he conceded there were challenges as it is already in use.

Discussing the potential spectrum resources expected to support the wide range of advanced applications which could be enabled by 6G, he noted there are also some specific scenarios where the centimetric range combined with sub-terahertz spectrum could be beneficial.

Frodigh stated the latter band could deliver “extreme performance” for niche applications.

The vital role of the 7GHz and 15GHz band was also backed by Nokia Bell Labs fellow Matthew Baker, who cited its necessity for 6G to meet its potential.

Touted benefits included requirements to support advanced use cases along with improving the energy efficiency of network provision.

“If we’re going to deliver on the coverage and reliability [of 6G] we need to have the spectrum,” he added, highlighting the range was the “one we need to be focused on”.

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