Taiwanese mobile network operator (MNO) Far EasTone (FET) has reportedly said it is aiming to increase the penetration rate for 5G subscriptions to 40% in 2023, up from the 30% it recorded at the end of 2022, according to the Taipei Times. Alongside the expectation that uptake of 5G services will continue to grow, the company has said that this in turn will boost both revenues and net profit this year, while FET also noted that it expects CAPEX in 2023 to be lower than the TWD11.1 billion (USD366 million) it spent in 2022, as its investment in the deployment of 5G technology has now peaked.

Also of note, the local press outlet cited FET’s president Chee Ching as saying that the company does not expect to finalise a planned merger with Asia Pacific Telecom until at least the third quarter of 2023. That tie-up remains under review by both the National Communications Commission (NCC) and also requires the approval of the Fair Trade Commission (FTC).

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