A controversial policy to create a single national 5G network in Malaysia faced scrutiny by authorities, with the nation’s new Prime Minister raising concerns about the transparency of the process, Reuters reported.

Citing comments from Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim made at a press conference, the news agency stated the issue needed to be reviewed due to a lack of transparency in the formulation of the plan.

The creation of a state-owned 5G network was a strategy put together by the country’s previous administration. Following a general election last month Malaysia has a new prime minister.

After months of negotiations, several of the market’s major players agreed terms to access the national wholesale network run by state-founded Digital Nasional Berhad. Most have also agreed to take stakes in the business, which was part of the initial government plan for the infrastructure provider.

Although operators eventually signed-up and are in the process of deploying 5G services, the country’s policy for the next-generation network had attracted criticism from industry players prior to them signing access deals.

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