GSMA director general Mats Granryd highlighted the increasing diversity of the wider mobile ecosystem, reflected by participants at MWC Barcelona 2024, was vital to finding new growth avenues and innovative investment models. 

In the opening keynote, Granryd stated more than 50 per cent of attendees are now from outside the mobile sector, showing “we are no longer just one industry represented here. We are industries.” 

“As we face the future, growth will come by working together across industries, innovating and continuing to challenge the status quo,” he emphasised. 

Over the next six years smartphone data traffic is forecast to grow four-fold globally, which requires significant investment to ensure networks can keep up with the growing demand. Between now and 2030, operators will spend an estimated $1.5 trillion on their networks, with more than 90 per cent spent on 5G. 

However, he indicated mobile revenue growth had dipped, which is the red line. “This is a crucial time for us, and we have to find innovative ways to drive growth and close the investment gap.” 

Granryd said the good news is the industry is starting to tap the opportunities of 5G and standalone 5G, with 5G-Advanced on the horizon. 

Turning to the AI opportunity, he said the industry needs to align to ethically develop and use the technology for the benefit of people and planet and also take steps to bridging the AI adoption gap. “At the GSMA we are committed to supporting this.” 

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