ZTE, in partnership with Guangzhou Metro Group and China Mobile Guangzhou Branch, has been awarded the “Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Economy” for the joint project 5G-empowered Smart Metro in Guangzhou at the Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. The accolade is in recognition of the impressive efforts that the winners have been dedicated to in enhancing productivity and greatly fuelling the transformation of the 5G industry and society.

Metro is of utmost importance to the transportation system of a city, especially for Guangzhou, with a population of 20 million. Since 2020, with the advent of 5G, Guangzhou Metro Group, China Mobile Guangzhou Branch and ZTE have jointly launched the 5G-empowered Smart Metro project and transformed the traditional metro system into a 5G-enabled smart metro system. 

Based on actual service scenario requirements, the 5G network slicing resource guarantees a 750 Mb/s uplink rate enhancement, a 160 km/h high-speed mobile performance guarantee and other new 5G private network performance optimizations. A multi-layer cloud-edge collaboration system architecture is deployed to implement in-depth interaction and sharing of online data among people, vehicles, operating environments, devices and dispatching multiple scenario-based applications such as 5G smart stations, 5G train-to-ground communication, and 5G digital tunnels.

With these deployments and innovations, in the past two years, Guangzhou Metro has witnessed improved automated operations and maintenance, more efficient dispatching and management, and higher passenger satisfaction. Some 20 million people in Guangzhou have also greatly benefited from this project, enjoying more comfortable, colorful and safer travel experiences. These have included a 600 Mbps average data rate in metro carriages, higher security and faster luggage inspection, a shortened average turnstile duration during peak hours, more detailed guidance, etc. 

“We are honoured to win this award together with our partners. 5G smart subways enhance the intelligence and flexibility of stations, train safety, and subway operation efficiency,” said Cai Changjun, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Metro Group. “Moving forward, we will verify more 5G+ smart subway services, form the 5G+ smart metro system architecture and industry standards, and promote the rapid growth of 5G+ in the metro industry.”

Luo Weimin, general manager of China Mobile Guangzhou Branch, commented, “We’re honoured to receive this award and attribute it to our partners, who have shown us valuable support. We are committed to building leading 5G networks in terms of quality, technology, service, and operation. We will continue our efforts in building a new 5G industry ecosystem in conjunction with partners by using leading 5G networks.”

“This award is a great endorsement of our efforts in keeping innovating in digitizing the workplace,” said Bai Gang, vice president of ZTE. “We will work further with partners to promote 5G even deeper to the production domain and bring greater value and benefit to more people.”

The annual GLOMO (Global Mobile) Awards are judged by the sector’s most prominent subject matter experts in celebration of the individuals and companies driving innovation and showcasing excellence in the rapidly growing mobile industry.

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