Hormuud Telecom launched 5G in key locations across Somalia with 4G customers receiving free upgrades to the next generation technology starting from today (March 21). 

Subscribers will see their connectivity upgrade to 5G at no extra cost in the following locations: Mogadishu, Kismayo, Galkayo and Baidoa, Dhusamareeb, Beledwayne, Afgoye, Merca and Dhobley. The operator noted its 5G coverage across these locations is up to 81%. 

Hormuud highlighted how the faster speed and reliability will be a significant tool for subscribers that rely on mobile money services for business and leisure. 

The 5G service will provide speeds of 10Gbps/100Gbps/200Gbps/400Gbps based on request per single wavelength with a total capacity of 0.96Tbps/9.6Tbps/19Tbps/38Tbps.

Hormuud will offer customers an unlimited data plan that costs US$20 per month which it claimed rivals the most affordable in Africa. Hormuud customers use on average 5GB monthly, which is up from 1-2 gigabytes two years ago.

The new technology will support deployment of IoT products that will upgrade Hormuud’s disaster management systems, enabling the platform to monitor environmental conditions in real time through sensors. 

Hormuud noted 70% of Somalia’s population has access to 4G connectivity following the operator’s 4G network deployment that began in 2015. The company is aiming for 88% coverage in urban areas and 70% in rural locations. 

Minister of Telecommunication for the Federal Government of Somalia, Jama Hassan Khalif, said: “As Somalia strides towards stability, the launch of 5G services by Hormuud Telecom emerges as a critical milestone. This initiative is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a symbol of our nation’s commitment to growth and constant improvement.

“Enhanced connectivity is pivotal for Somalia, underpinning the growth of a resilient economy and empowered citizens – it’s about giving every Somali, their family, and their business, access to the digital tools they need to thrive.”

Hormuud Telecom CEO Ahmed Yusuf added: “We aim to ensure that the benefits of 5G – faster internet, improved services across sectors such as healthcare, education, and agriculture – become accessible to all, fostering a future where everyone can benefit, in myriad ways, from this advanced technology.

“This initiative is about more than just connectivity; it’s about empowering our communities, stimulating progress, and paving the way for a thriving, digitally inclusive society.” 

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