HPE Aruba has launched an end-to-end private 5G platform for deploying and orchestrating enterprise systems. Mobile operators can leverage the platform to deploy private 5G for enterprise clients and can choose to integrate it with HPE Aruba’s managed Wi-Fi offering.

The Networking Enterprise Private 5G platform incorporates a 4G/5G core, 4G/5G small cells, and support for SIM/eSIM cards as well as HPE’s ProLiant Gen11 server designed for cloud-grade edge networking workloads. HPE Aruba also highlighted cloud-native automation tools for core and radio unit monitoring purposes, with future plans to integrate these with its existing Networking Central dashboard.

The platform is designed to maintain robust wireless coverage throughout expansive campus networks and factories, potentially paving the way for all-new private cellular use cases. Aruba’s small cell radios can be alternated from indoor to outdoor coverage without the need to integrate third-party management tools.

HPE Aruba believes product differentiators like deterministic access in dedicated spectrum bands are increasingly relevant for vendors hoping to attract enterprise and industrial customers in the current marketplace. It says enterprises are now asking for wireless networking products that will remain resilient in demanding use cases, including large outdoor areas. 

In its official press announcement, HPE Aruba mentioned last year’s acquisition of private cellular business Athonet so it is possible some of the latter’s IP made it into the final product. Athonet already has considerable expertise in private cellular with deployments in industries ranging from healthcare to utilities to government agencies.

Further features include expanded AI data capture, supporting data lakes and inference-driven solutions, and interoperability with private enterprise wavelengths in the US CBRS spectrum as well as comparable services in global markets. The latter feature is set to go live next year, HPE Aruba said.

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