The Plenary of the Federal Telecommunications Institute (Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones, IFT) has approved the modification of its ‘Annual Programme for the Use and Exploitation of Frequency Bands 2023’ in its XXVII Ordinary Session this week. As a result of the modification, the watchdog says it has identified a total of 7,750MHz in the millimetre wave (mmWave) range that is suitable for 5G use from 2023. The 26GHz (24.25GHz-27.5GHz), 38GHz (37GHz-40GHz) and 42GHz (42GHz-43.5GHz) bands are all available on a nationwide basis, with the IFT noting: ‘These bands will be essential for the provision of fifth generation services, given their very high transfer capacity of data and very low latency.’

In addition, the regulator has flagged up spectrum in the 1755MHz-1760MHz/2155MHz-2160MHz (AWS), 1850MHz-1915MHz/1930MHz-1995MHz (PCS) and 2550MHz-2570MHz/2670MHz-2690MHz bands which is available for commercial mobile use. The PCS/2.5GHz spectrum was known to be relinquished by Movistar in 2020 after the cellco signed a ‘last mile wireless capacity access agreement’ with AT&T Mexico.

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