INTERVIEW: InterDigital CEO Liren Chen voiced confidence 6G would deliver significantly different use cases to current technology, with the generation tipped to be the first to have compatibility with AI and machine learning (ML) built-in from the start.

Speaking to Mobile World Live at MWC23, Chen explained the next generation would bring new thinking, even though he acknowledged it is still early days in terms of the specifics of what 6G will be.

Alongside benefits historically associated with new generations of wireless technology, such as increased reliability, better data speeds and improved latency performance, he indicated there would likely be significant advances elsewhere.

The next generation “will probably be the first” to include AI and ML “from the ground up”, along with being a pioneer in terms of providing an “immersive user experience…a 3D user experience”.

He also indicated the future network protocols were expected to provide much more precise positioning for a range of applications.

Chen added InterDigital has been contributing to work with peers, universities and other industry players on aiding developments towards 6G, which is expected to be commercially deployed around 2030.

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