Juniper Research predicted 5G IoT connections will grow from 17 million this year to 116 million by 2026, fuelled by uptake in the healthcare and smart city sectors.

In a report, Juniper Research pointed to the expansion of 5G across key areas including automotive, mobile broadband and connected homes, while deployment in healthcare and smart urban infrastructure will account for more than 60 per cent of compatible IoT devices over the next three years.

Juniper Research expects 5G smart city connections to exceed 60 million in 2026, identifying road and rail monitoring as “key services” requiring the connectivity.

The company highlighted the reliability of 5G compared with previous technologies as an “essential” element for the IoT, but warned the market required “innovative business models” and solid automated infrastructure to ensure adequate revenue.

Juniper Research further predicted the digital shift in the health sector following the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak will accelerate demand for 5G to provide “more efficient and dynamic” care.

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