The Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority (JCRA) has launched a consultation which seeks to reassess ‘interest and demand’ in 5G services. The move follows an announcement in January this year in which the JCRA confirmed it was in a position to restart its 5G spectrum award process ‘with immediate effect’.

According to the regulator, it has restarted the licensing process with a public consultation which will look to determine how interest in 5G has been affected during the last two years, while the document also sets out the JCRA’s planned approach along with key influencing factors that it intends to consider within a revised statement of intent.

Responses to the consultation have been requested by a deadline of 29 April 2022 and commenting on the matter, JCRA chief executive Tim Ringsdore said: ‘We’re pleased to be restarting the process for licencing 5G spectrum for Jersey, and enabling future benefits for local mobile users. As the pandemic’s impact recedes and the situation with network security requirements becomes clearer, we believe that now is the right time to pick up this matter again and look forward to re-engaging with interested parties and islanders about 5G.’

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