Letters recommending the allocation of 5G-suitable spectrum to JT Jersey and Sure Jersey have been sent to Ofcom, the Jersey Competition and Regulatory Authority (JCRA) has confirmed. With the Bailiwick’s telecoms watchdog having earlier this year accepted applications from JT and Sure for ‘Full Service’ 5G spectrum packages, it has now contacted British telecoms regulator Ofcom – which is responsible for managing Jersey’s radio spectrum – with detailed recommendations regarding the awarding of frequencies.

In the letters sent to Ofcom by the JCRA it recommended that each operator be allocated 2×10MHz of 700MHz spectrum, as well as a contiguous 40MHz block in the 3.4GHz-3.8GHz band. Notably, frequencies in the latter band are expected to be increased incrementally over the duration of the licence to eventually reach 100MHz, subject to a number of factors, including: effective defragmentation of spectrum in the 3.4GHz-3.8GHz range; a 5G service launch within a defined period of Ofcom awarding a spectrum licence and rollout of a minimum stated number of 5G equipped base stations; and demonstrable evidence presented that spectrum already awarded is being efficiently used.

With regards to the JCRA’s specific frequency recommendations, meanwhile, it has suggested that JT be allocated the following spectrum blocks: 713MHz-723MHz/768MHz-778MHz and 3.52GHz-3.56GHz. For Sure, meanwhile, the recommendation is that the operator is awarded the following spectrum blocks: 723MHz-733MHz/778MHz-788MHz and 3.67GHz-3.71GHz.

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