Reliance Jio completed a nationwide rollout of 5G service using multiple spectrum bands, with the deployment across 22 regions coming ahead of a target of end-December.

In a statement, Reliance Industries chair Mukesh Ambani noted Jio had worked around the clock to reach the coverage target since receiving 5G spectrum in August 2022.

“This is one of the fastest 5G rollouts of this scale globally and gives India a prominent position on the global 5G map.”

Jio stated it met minimum rollout obligations included in the terms of the spectrum allocated by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in each of 22 service areas across three spectrum bands.

In mid-July, Jio announced it submitted details of its phase 1 rollout to the DoT, which completed testing in all regions by 11 August.

Ambani highlighted the benefits of mmWave, with the operator holding 1,000MHz in the 26MHz band. “This can give enterprises looking to deploy emerging and innovative applications faster speeds and less delay than previous wireless networking technologies.”

Shortly after committing $11 billion on related spectrum in the auction in August 2022, Jio earmarked INR2 trillion ($24.1 billion) to deploy the nationwide standalone (SA) 5G network by the close of this year.

Ambani stated at the time it would deliver 5G to every town in the country in less than 18 months Jio. In April it stated its 5G footprint reached 2,300 cities and towns.

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