KPN is testing 5G edge computing with the logistics group KLG Europe, ahead of a planned commercial launch later this year. The Dutch operator said it installed a 5G gateway at the KLG distribution centre, so a part of the 5G network runs locally there, giving the customer high reliability, ultra low latency and all data remaining on-premise.

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs), used to collect and distribute packages and pallets at the distribution centre, were fitted with Sims connected to the 5G indoor network at the warehouse. Thanks to the local 5G gateway, all mobile data from the AGVs is routed directly to the AGV server at the same location. This improves the response time (latency) to only 4 milliseconds, increasing accuracy and the efficiency of operations. At the same time, all processed data remains in-house, for increased security. 

KPN called the test the next step in its 5G development, after the initial network launch in 2020. The operator will offer the 5G gateway on a commercial basis this year in its new KPN Campus product portfolio. Additional 5G services are expected after the release of the 3.5GHz spectrum band in the Netherlands later this year. 

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