LG Uplus moved to strengthen its robot business by partnering with automation platform company Big Wave Robotics to deliver tailored machines running on the operator’s 4G and 5G networks.

In a statement, LG Uplus explained it plans to introduce service robots to retail and industrial customers, using Big Wave Robotics’ AI analysis platform to recommend the optimal automation service based a user’s specific work environment.

The My Robot Solution (Marosol) service is used by about 400 companies, LG Uplus stated.

LG Uplus and Big Wave Robotics plan to develop related services and explore new business models for service robots including consulting, piloting, and installation and maintenance.

Lim Jang-hyeok, executive director of LG Uplus’ New Business Group, said the partnership will allow the companies to “introduce our products to more customers and expand our market share”.

For Big Wave Robotics, the collaboration enables it to deliver tailored robots to “each customer in a more economical way”, CEO Kim Min-gyo added.

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