Hungary’s Magyar Telekom has selected US-based Mavenir’s network software solutions to deploy a cloud-native containerised converged packet core network integrated with technologies provided by its own group parent Deutsche Telekom, including a locally deployed private cloud solution. Mavenir’s containerised converged packet core will lay the foundation for ‘quickly and easily deploying new enterprise applications and services, taking advantage of 5G features such as low latency and network slicing’ according to a press release. Mavenir’s 5G Core solution is part of the vendor’s cloud-native MAVcore portfolio based on an open architecture designed for easy scaling of applications and services, hardware decoupling, agility, portability, and cloud-native resilience.

Key attributes of the implementation include:

  • open architecture (using Deutsche Telekom-defined hardware and a Kubernetes-based platform)
  • network slicing with dedicated control and user plane network functions for meeting strict service level agreements
  • cloud-native design – a fully containerised solution based on stateless microservice architecture that allows better resiliency and faster recovery in the event of network failures, also enabling easy onboarding of users on Deutsche Telekom Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS)
  • third-party vendor network function (NF) integration – integrated with multiple third-party vendors, including 4G and 5G access networks (eNodeBs and gNodeBs) and subscriber and policy management functions
  • converged architecture – supporting 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G non-standalone (NSA) and 5G standalone (SA) modes and enabling all access technologies to run on a common cloud-native platform provided by Deutsche Telekom.

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