Spanish telecommunications provider Masmovil said it has partnered with Singapore operator Singtel to roll out what it describes as the country’s first ‘all-in-one’ platform for the management of 5G networks, edge computing, cloud, artificial intelligence and service applications. The service, based on Singtel’s Paragon platform, is designed to give business and public administration clients of the Masmovil group access to the latest connectivity technology.

Services to be made available via the Paragon platform include on-demand network segmentation (slicing) to guarantee the quality of the service coupled with access to an ecosystem of application programming interfaces (APIs). The aim is to enable corporate clients to securely deploy applications in environments close to their customers (MEC-Multi Access Edge Computing) and via major public clouds such as Azure or AWS, said Masmovil.

The partners added that the 5G slicing feature, which they say normally requires weeks to deploy and set up, can be executed almost instantly, autonomously and as many times as necessary via the new platform, a functionality that is critical for use cases such as robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, enhanced video experiences and use cases based on real-time edge AI applications.

The service will be tested in the coming weeks by customers of Masmovil’s R brand in Galicia, which has been contracted by the city council of Vilagarcia de Arousa in the Pontevedra) to facilitate online broadcasting of sporting events via 5G and edge networks.

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