Mavenir tossed its hat into the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) ring to compete against other vendors for providing operators with new applications and services across open RAN networks.

Mavenir claimed its O-RIC product surpasses the capabilities of self-organising networks (SON) with two control loops covering non-real-time and near real-time.

RICs are designed to control base stations from a variety of open RAN vendors, providing features including power management. In addition to open RAN, they could eventually replace SONs in traditional architectures.

Mavenir stated O-RIC “enables the creation of differentiated services through open APIs” to create “intelligent, closed-loop end-to-end network tuning to optimise network performance, increase cost efficiency and maximise the user experience”.

Omdia analyst James Crawshaw told Mobile World Live“it is still early days” for Mavenir, which he believes could become a strong contender in the RIC market

“The press release says they are currently in deployment which makes it sound to me like these are ongoing trials,” he stated. “Hopefully these turn into real revenue in the near future.”

Other RIC vendors including Nokia, Juniper Networks and VMware are also developing non- and near-real-time applications.

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