Hewlett Packard Enterprise is extending its enterprise connectivity offer with functionalities for private networking across both 5G and Wi-Fi, enabling new enterprise and industrial applications from edge to cloud. Pre-integrated with radio access functionalities from large vendors, the private 5G platform can be deployed as a service with HPE GreenLake. 

The private 5G platform from HPE is based on HPE 5G Core Stack, a cloud-native, container-based 5G core network platform. It has been enriched with new functionalities for private networking including modular operation and automation, an enterprise self-service portal, agile configuration and change management. Automated operations are managed by HPE Service Director which offers a self-service portal for enterprise users, as well as an advanced portal for service provider administrators. 

The platform supports a range of deployment types based on customer need. For sensitive or remote operations, such as military, shipping or oil and gas, HPE’s private 5G software provides a fully autonomous deployment with the HPE Edgeline EL8000 Converged Edge system, powered by 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Where low latency is key to supporting critical applications, such as in a hospital, the platform can be distributed in a hybrid cloud with user plane functions hosted at the edge and control plane functions hosted in the cloud. 

The combination of HPE’s private 5G platform together with Aruba wireless technologies enables telcos and enterprises to extend Wi-Fi with private cellular networking. 

The private 5G platform has been pre-integrated with 5G radio access network (RAN) products from large vendors for providing customers with 5G network deployments. Technologies from Airspan Networks and other partners have been tested with HPE 5G Core Stack at the HPE 5G Lab in Colorado. More radio partnerships will be added in the coming months, the company said. 

The HPE 5G Core Stack for private 5G platform and Aruba’s Wi-Fi products are available with HPE GreenLake. By deploying private 5G and Wi-Fi on a pay-as-you-use basis with HPE GreenLake, networks can be deployed with reduced risk, little upfront investment and scaled according to demand.

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