Intel’s advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) chip unit Mobileye established a collaboration to deploy fully electric, autonomous shuttles in the US by 2024, citing potential benefits in cutting congestion and emissions.

The company is working with Benteler EV Systems and Beep to develop shuttles for public and private transport. In a statement, Mobileye explained the vehicles could contribute to improving road safety and mobility access, in addition to cutting congestion.

Once the pieces are in place, the three companies plan to deploy the autonomous  shuttles across North America. The shuttles will be made in the US, with plans to rollout to other countries in the future.

The partnership between Benteler EV Systems, Beep and Mobileye could spur development and deployment of fully autonomous Level-4 electric vehicles across North America. They will be designed to meet automotive industry and safety standards for public road use.

Mobileye’s self-driving Mobile Drive system will underpin autonomous products from Benteler EV Systems, while Beep will provide its mobility solutions and micro transit operations.

The companies explained consistent data speeds of 10Mb/s to 20Mb/s using 4G LTE enables full-time monitoring of autonomous vehicles, while the increased rollout of 5G across the US will further reduce latency.

Intel is expected to conduct an IPO of Mobileye around the middle of this year, under plans revealed in late 2021.

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