du and Huawei have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU), outlining a collaborative strategic partnership aimed at spearheading the digital transformation of the UAE. Together, they aim to pioneer a 5G-Advanced project across the country, setting a benchmark for 5G-Advanced commercial networks not only in the Middle East but also globally.

Fahad AI Hassawi, CEO of du; Chen Hao, Huawei’s Carrier Sales Dept President; Jiawei Liu, Chairman of Huawei UAE; Tao Geng, CEO of Huawei UAE; and members of the management teams of both parties attended the signing ceremony.

Under the arrangement, the two parties will work together to promote the construction and commercial use of the 5G-Advanced network and jointly build a 5G-Advanced country in the UAE. The two parties will establish a 5G-Advanced joint innovation center to innovate 5G-Advanced technologies and expand the large-scale commercial use of new services in all scenarios, including consumers, homes, and enterprises, and accelerate the incubation of commercial applications such as 24K XR, FWA2, holographic conferencing, and enhanced 5G private networks.

Fahad AI Hassawi, CEO of du, said, “As a leading digital telco, du is committed to cooperating with global industry leaders, such as Huawei, to remain at the forefront of digital innovation and provide customers with the ultimate network experience. Huawei’s leading technologies will support the realization of du’s strategic vision, play an important role in 5G-Advanced service innovation and industry digitalization, and jointly accelerate the UAE’s digital transformation.”

Jiawei Liu, Chairman of Huawei UAE, said, “As a global ICT infrastructure and smart device provider, Huawei is committed to supporting du’s strategic vision of digital innovation and providing customers with the ultimate network experience. In the past year, du has developed rapidly in FWA services and has successfully deployed a commercial 5G-Advanced network and we believe that the signing of this MOU will deepen the implementation of 5G-Advanced technologies, accelerate the incubation of commercial applications, and strengthen our strategic partnership with du.”

du and Huawei have enjoyed and maintained close strategic relations since 2008 throughout the 3G, 4G, and 5G eras. As this new phase of 5G-Advanced unfolds, the two parties will continue to discuss the end-to-end evolution of 5G-Advanced networks, incubate new 5G-Advanced services for consumer (to-C), business (to-B), and household (to-H) sectors, while concurrently establishing ubiquitous high-quality networks, and help du to continuously provide the best connection experience and digital services for its customers to make the UAE the world’s leading 5G-Advanced country.

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