Batelco prepared to pitch Bahraini businesses a range of private 5G-fuelled operational and revenue benefits, based exclusively on Nokia equipment.

Nokia stated it partnered with the operator to provide private 5G networks and ruggedised devices to industrial players in the country, with deployments scheduled to begin in H2.

Automation is fundamental to the Nokia equipment involved.

Batelco stands to access Nokia’s digital automation cloud, modular private network and edge computing products, along with related applications and expertise. The operator’s CEO Maitham Abdulla said the partnership would unlock the “full potential” of its market know-how.

Abdullah added the partners would provide “powerful private wireless networks to Bahrain’s mission-critical industries”, initiating “a new era of network usage, transforming worker safety outcomes, fostering innovation and increasing revenue streams”.

Mahmoud El-Banna, head of Nokia’s Enterprise Campus Edge Business for MEA, added the companies would enable “digital transformation and progress towards performance goals” for a host of companies.

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